Segmented Wood Urn #15

Segmented Mahogany vessel inspired by Grecian pottery. The feature ring is of Mahogany, Maple, and Padauk while the lip is […]


Turned Wood Bowl #18

This solid bowl cut from butternut crotch displays exquisite grain. A really unique piece. Wood(s): Butternut Crotch Pieces: 1 Dimensions: […]


Turned Wood Bowl #36

Large bowl from a rare maple burl. Features bark inclusions and natural worm holes. Wood(s): Maple Burl Pieces: 1 Dimensions: […]


Turned Wood Bowl #48

Small hollow form cut from exceptional cherry burl. Features rustic bark inclusions. Wood(s): Cherry Burl Pieces: 1 Dimensions: 5 5/8″ […]


Segmented Wood Bowl #14

Segmented Maple bowl inspired by Native American pottery with feature ring of Mahogany, Maple, and Padauk. Wood(s): Mahogany, Maple, Padauk […]


Segmented Wood Vase #28

Spalted Yellow Birch vase with Segmented Maple and Bloodwood neck. Wood(s): Spalted Yellow Birch, Maple, Bloodwood, Dyed black veneer Pieces: […]


Segmented Wood Bowl #47

This laminated bowl features flanking sides of Jatoba interrupted by intruding spikes of Yellowheart. Feature ring is Walnut. Wood(s): Jatoba, […]